Notebook that has, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" written on the cover is placed on a desk and has an apple, a metal straw, and string next to it.
Climate Change

Reduce & Reuse: The Forgotten Siblings of Recycling

Growing up in the late-90s and early-2000s I repeatedly heard the mantra, “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” It was said on PSAs, and its triangular logo was printed on the back of many products and on stickers. It was basically ubiquitous back then. But recently, it just occurred to me that I’ve only heard about the importance …

Man sitting at a table writing in a notebook with another book closed next to him.
Technology, Writing

Is It Just Me or Is Something Wrong with Grammarly?

It doesn’t seem to be working as accurately as it used too Have you noticed that Grammarly hasn’t been as accurate lately? I’ve been writing and sending my posts to a variety of publications in an effort to try to get my name out there. Many publications suggest that you use Grammarly to prevent easily fixed grammatical …

School assignments scattered about with various grades on them ranging from A+ to C+.
Education, Work

What’s an ‘A’ Got To Do With It?

In the end, it isn’t your grades that should really matter I think I’ve figured out one reason it’s so hard to get a job straight out of college without years of experience. Most students are too obsessed with grades. So much so that some will do anything to get an A. There’s a lot of pressure on college students …