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Why Twitter Should Never Give Us An Edit Button

Tweet what you mean and mean what you tweet Imagine you’ve just thought of the perfect tweet. You whip out your phone knowing that your followers will love it. It’s witty and topical. But just as you hit the tweet button, you realized that you’ve made a typo. And on Twitter, you don’t have an edit …

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5 Solutions That Alleviate Food Insecurity in the U.S.

What we can actually do about food deserts Food insecurity is more often in the news since Covid-19 is making it worse. While problems can be easy to identify, what’s difficult is finding effective solutions. There are a few solutions to food deserts and food apartheid that are worth discussing, but first, let’s talk more about …

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A Comprehensive List of Medium-Owned Publications

All Medium-owned publications conveniently listed in one place I’m not sure if they all do, but Medium-owned publications are known to pay a few hundred dollars per pitched article that they accept and publish. In general, unpublished drafts are preferred to published stories. However, depending on the publication, published stories may be accepted. There are 13 …

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Food Deserts Were A Problem Before And Now They’re Getting Worse

Covid-19 is increasing food insecurity in the US The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many to lose their jobs, homes, and loved ones. However, there’s one other area where this pandemic is hurting people but isn’t being talked about as much: food insecurity. Food insecurity is being worsened by this pandemic due to the financial devastation it’s …

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6 Ways to Gain Relevant Work Experience Even When No One Will Hire You

Great ways to improve your resume’s experience section A few years ago I was a college graduate with no job prospects. I applied to a sea of positions to only hear rejections if I was lucky, or no response at all if I wasn’t. Each passing day felt like I was less likely to find …

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Letting Go of My Habit of Compulsive Over-Achievement

Learning to accept the things I cannot control I have a bad habit of having high standards. This can be a good thing sometimes, but other times it devolves into an obsession with meeting impossible ideals. These impossible ideals end up making my actual successes look minuscule, which in turn makes me ungrateful for how far …

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The Tried Is No Longer Always True

Analyzing the differences in navigating career paths between generations This is a strange time in history where what worked for people a few decades ago no longer applies to the younger generations. The tried and true method used to be to get a college education. However, in the US the combination of rising higher education …