A typewritter, several books and pens are arranged in a circle on a table. Text in the image reads, "A comprehensive list of medium-owned publications."
Technology Writing

A Comprehensive List of Medium-Owned Publications

All Medium-owned publications conveniently listed in one place I’m not sure if they all do, but Medium-owned publications are known to pay a few hundred dollars per pitched article that they accept and publish. In general, unpublished drafts are preferred to published stories. However, depending on the publication, published stories may be accepted. There are 13 […]

A white plate, with a frown drawn on it, with a fork and knife placed upon it.
Equality Food

Food Deserts Were A Problem Before And Now They’re Getting Worse

Covid-19 is increasing food insecurity in the US The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many to lose their jobs, homes, and loved ones. However, there’s one other area where this pandemic is hurting people but isn’t being talked about as much: food insecurity. Food insecurity is being worsened by this pandemic due to the financial devastation it’s […]