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Stop Paying for Courses That Promise You Riches & Success — Here’s Why

Revealing the 6 things you need to know to help create your own content creation success story (for FREE)

I’m an overthinker, therefore I’m an over-planner. I never jump into anything without extensively researching about it first. That was especially true when I decided to become a content creator for various platforms. Suffice it to say, I’ve heard a lot of advice over the years, while I was indecisive about which niche to pick and what to call my brand.

But there’s one thing I eventually come across quite consistently in my research — content creator’s promoting their courses. I have nothing against earning money from teaching a trade you have experience in. And I’m not saying that courses can’t be helpful. However, there are a few creators that seem to go beyond the typical advertising for their course and enter a realm that is more akin to a predatory practice.

The Problem with Some Courses

They show you their wonderful life from exotic locations and say that you too can have a similarly wonderful life if you just take their course. They are the ones who have discovered the secret method that’s going to work as long as you follow their methods exactly.

The really savvy online gurus will even tell you that it’s going to be hard work and that this isn’t a “get rich quick scheme.” Then they will tell you the price for this amazing course is in the hundreds of dollars. But don’t worry, you’ll make a lot more money from their course and their methods; this is just a start-up cost!

While I do believe that courses, especially from someone who is successful in their field, can be a great addition to your wealth of knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t necessarily translate into wealth (at least not for the students in this case). And to be honest, I’m really disgusted by people who prey on desperate people who just want to gain financial freedom.

There are so many free resources online to learn most subjects, especially when it comes to making money online. It makes me question if people actually need to pay for a course at all. Especially since the person offering the course cannot guarantee your success, and they know that.

Instead of taking a gamble with your money, here are the 6 tips that every content creator should focus on

1. Provide value to your audience

It doesn’t really matter which niche you choose. All that matters is that it’s something you enjoy doing and that it provides something valuable to your audience. You’re asking people to spend their time and attention on your content.

You should be respectful of that and make sure it’s not a waste of everyone’s time, including yours. Why spend time and energy in creating something no one wants or values? Think about what your content is providing that others haven’t already done or said several times over.

2. Create an engaging headline or title

It’s really hard to capture people’s attention these days. You need to work hard for people to decide to give you the time of day. The best way to do that is to create a very engaging title. This is harder said than done, because learning what works and what doesn’t takes time. It’s a skill you must master.

But a good way to learn is to analyze content creators who are successful or have been doing this for a while. What makes a title compelling? What about it made you think, “I just have to know more!” I find that creating a question in people’s minds works best because we are all very curious.

3. Pick an appropriate eye-catching image or thumbnail

Some people are very visual. For these people, the title will be noticed only after your accompanying image has gotten their attention. The image you choose should capture the theme or mood of your content. Ideally, it will be something unique that wasn’t seen many times before or an image of something topical that’s related to your content.

Don’t be shy about using graphic design techniques to help make your images unique. Many people use Canva to create unique images. But before you do, check out this great graphic design principle’s playlist to help you learn the dos and don’t of design. You don’t want to accidentally turn people off with a poorly designed image.

4. Create as consistently as you can

We are creatures of habit. As you build up an audience, you may actually start to become a part of other people’s daily routines. So try your best to keep to a schedule if you establish one. It’s alright to be a sporadic content creator, just make sure your audience knows that, especially if you decide to change your schedule.

Creating false expectations or consistently breaking promises to your audience is a great way to create distrust. People don’t want to support someone they feel they cannot trust. And because trust is hard to regain once gone, it’s best to avoid losing it in the first place. Telling them that you will post at a certain time and constantly not doing that is a great way to establish in their minds that they can’t trust your word.

5. Be social on social media

Believe it or not, just putting your amazing content out there is not going to be enough to gain an audience at first. Some people may notice your work, but you will be discovered much faster if you actually comment on other people’s content. No one will know that you exist on a platform if you don’t inform them, because there’s a sea of content creators now.

Besides, it’s a little selfish to think that everyone should stop and pay attention to you and your content if you don’t pay attention to other people’s. We all have content and content creators that we like. Some of them even inspire us to create content. Share that you appreciate other people’s work. Supporting other content creators is one of the best ways to grow your own audience. Content creation is at its best when it’s seen as a group activity, not a competition.

6. Have patience, it takes time to build an audience

Most content creators that have a large and dedicated audience have been at it for years. It’s hard to be patient in a world where everything feels like it’s readily available to us. But some things still take time and those things tend to be worth the wait.

Most people who fail at content creation, fail because they lack endurance. At first, you won’t get much positive feedback or any feedback for that matter. But hold out for a little longer. Many people quit just before they start to make it big. If you needed a sign to encourage you to keep going, consider this it.

It’s as easy as that! But most things tend to be easier said than done. When anyone does something for the first time, they are not usually not going to be the best at it. So be patient with yourself, as time goes on, you will get better at it too. Just give yourself some time for it to become second nature to you.

I, like many others, have been distracted by the latest new trend in content creation when I really should have been mastering the basics. Knowledge without action is pointless because knowledge is only power if you actually use it. I hope you use the information provided in this article to help get you on the right path to your content creation success! At the end of the day, no one can guarantee your success. The person that comes the closest to being able to do that is you.

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