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5 Reasons You Should Be Using LinkedIn to Build Your Brand

I’ve recently decided to create a LinkedIn account, in an effort to reach an audience that might be interested in my brand but would otherwise miss my content. After using LinkedIn for about a month, I really do believe that LinkedIn is one of the most underrated websites when it comes to brand-building strategies. Most people will tell you to use Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter to grow your brand. 

LinkedIn has about 740 million users worldwide, with about 260 million active users monthly. It is 277% more effective at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. I adamantly believe, if you’re not also using LinkedIn you are really missing out. Here are four reasons why you should be using LinkedIn as well.

1. LinkedIn focuses on building a network, not a following

On most other social media, there’s a power imbalance that comes with “following” someone on a site. You can follow them, but there’s no guarantee that they will follow you back. What’s worse is that some people will follow you only for them to unfollow you later just to make their follower to following count look “more impressive.” LinkedIn gets rid of this problem by making the act of “following” mutual. 

If you connect with someone on LinkedIn, both of you gain a “follower.” This helps both parties build their networks, without any power imbalances, and it helps to encourage mutual network building. Taking the competitive aspect of building a following out of the equation actually makes gaining a large network on the site quick and easy. After a month on the site, I already have over 300 connections.

2. LinkedIn posts have a much longer shelf-life than other social media

I’ve noticed that my posts on LinkedIn get shown to my connections for a much longer time period than any other social media. When I post something on Twitter or Pinterest, it only shows it to my followers if they are online around the time of my posting it, especially if no one interacts with my post. This causes people to need to post similar posts multiple times a week or even on the same day, to make sure their audience didn’t miss their latest post.

On LinkedIn however, I’ve noticed that posts can be shown to those in my network weeks after initially posting them. This gives people who check LinkedIn less often a chance to see your posts, without you needing to constantly repost the same thing like on other social media. Saving you some time to do all of the other things running a business requires.

3. Create a larger network with LinkedIn groups and business pages

Just like on Facebook, LinkedIn allows any of its users to create groups or a page for their business. This is an excellent way to increase your network because each group member can invite anyone in their network to join the group you create. Even if you are just a group member, you still have the opportunity to post to a group that is larger than your network, has members that are outside of your network so they most likely wouldn’t see your posts otherwise, or both.

Business pages allow your company and its services to be searchable on LinkedIn. People on LinkedIn come there with a business mindset, so many people use the website to look for people or companies that provide a needed service. Not only that, but these pages are a great way to keep the public up-to-date about any news related to your business. Also, if you decide to hire a few employees, your followers will be alerted and your job advertisement will be searchable on LinkedIn, which can be very helpful in finding qualified candidates.

4. LinkedIn has newsletters

I’ve recently started a newsletter and one of my biggest obstacles was figuring out how to promote it. However, I recently noticed that there’s a newsletter section on LinkedIn! When I did some research about LinkedIn newsletters I learned that this is a feature that only a few on LinkedIn have access to. I think if you write enough articles on LinkedIn within the same niche, and a few of those articles go viral, eventually, you too can be invited to create newsletters on LinkedIn!

Just having LinkedIn newsletters as another opportunity to interact with your audience on an additional platform is a great opportunity. I hope this feature isn’t so exclusive in the future. In the meantime, I plan to start writing articles on LinkedIn and keep track of my results.

5. LinkedIn has just launched “LinkedIn Stories”

LinkedIn now has a feature that is similar to other popular apps like TikTok and Snapchat. It allows you to publish behind-the-scenes videos for your network to enjoy. This is a great way to build up your brand and add some personality to your LinkedIn presence. Feelings account for about 95% of purchasing decisions. Because of the formal nature of LinkedIn, this functionality will help show a different side to your job that others might not get to see otherwise. Showing your personality or your brand’s personality will make people more attached to your business. 

It also will help demonstrate to your audience all of the hard work that goes into your service, product, or any other creation your company makes. Many people are curious about the effort that goes into making a product or doing a job that they are not familiar with. Use this curiosity to your advantage to show your expertise and unique personality.

You can find out more about LinkedIn Stories here:

LinkedIn Stories – Overview | LinkedIn Help
LinkedIn Help – LinkedIn Stories – Overview – What is LinkedIn Stories and how can I use it?www.linkedin.com

These are just four reasons I’ve recently discovered about LinkedIn when I decided to use it to help with my online branding. I think that many people overlook LinkedIn when building a brand because it has a reputation of being just a business platform, but I think that is one of the reasons why more people should use it. Many people in your industry are ready and willing to collaborate, which can help both of your businesses grow. And there are many others looking to hire someone for a service you may be able to provide. I’ve found a lot of success with it recently, and hope that you will too.

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