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Now Might Be The Best Time To Start Your YouTube Channel

The one big reason I’m not hearing discussed

For the last month or so I’ve been working on adding YouTube to my side hustle repertoire. While I was busy learning about YouTube best practices and picking a niche, I noticed something. This may be the best time to start a channel. Over the past year, I’ve noticed that YouTube has changed their algorithm. If you’ve been wanting to start a channel on YouTube but felt that the platform is too saturated, I have some great news for you!

The algorithm change, from what I could tell, happened early in the pandemic when the entire world was ordered to stay at home by our respective governments. Around April 2020, I noticed a shift in the algorithm that made it better at predicting content that I was interested in. While the algorithm is constantly changing, this change was actually one I noticed. A better algorithm means that YouTube will be more profitable by keeping and maintaining its audience’s attention during a time when people are looking for content because they are spending more time at home.

Beneficiaries of this algorithm change

A better algorithm doesn’t just benefit the viewers, but also YouTube creators. If the algorithm is better at predicting who is most likely to enjoy your content, then you’re channel has the opportunity to see exponential growth faster than what was thought possible before. And wouldn’t you know it, a lot, and I mean A LOT, of new creators are posting videos on YouTube about their meteoric rise on the platform. Kelly Stamps, Alia Zaita, McKenzie Morgan, and Kaiti Yoo, all have videos discussing their quick rise on the platform.

An algorithm change benefiting smaller/newer creators couldn’t have come at a better time. Many people have lost their source of income due to the pandemic upending many normal facets of life. In the United States, the government was extremely slow and stingy to help those truly in need. So naturally many people are turning to alternative income sources. While this is beneficial to the content creators, it’s also beneficial for YouTube. More content creators mean more content on YouTube to keep the AdSense dollars rolling in.

Final Thoughts

The algorithm changing shouldn’t diminish the accomplishments of content creators who have found success quickly. It should motivate you if you were having doubts about your own success on the platform. If you put out content that has value, whether that value comes in the form of providing information, comedy, or a great aesthetic, you shouldn’t be concerned about if you will make it. Focus on making content that you are proud of and allow the algorithm to do the rest.

And with platforms changing their algorithms without warning, I’m not sure how long this YouTube fast pass will last. I’ve started a YouTube channel, and while I don’t have everything figured out for it yet I didn’t want to miss out on this great growth opportunity. Let me know what you think. Have you noticed a change in the algorithm? If you are also starting a YouTube journey of your own, I wish you the best of luck!

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